The Eradication Reborn

The Coliseum and Mt Blackrock

Our heroic party returned to Eldriss and spoke with the World Council of the events that occurred in the Plains of Adhor. As they explained from the strange weather to the rift closing to the strange figure that showed up, the World Council members listened closely. Throughout the story, the party members brought up the things that stood out, questioning the members of the World Council if any of it was familiar. The Council leader, Rasni Tehnik, denied having any knowledge of what they were describing. Korath noticed that there was something off with Rasni, though, when he was responding. Rasni didn’t seem to be telling the complete truth. Korath didn’t press the matter too hard and they continued their story.

Once they had described all of the events, Rasni told them that their work was greatly appreciated and rewarded each of them with a World Council signet ring. This ring would stand as a symbol of the Enforcers, allowing them to use their magic freely, as long as it wasn’t for nefarious purposes. Rasni told them that there was more going on in the world that needs looked into, but they don’t have enough information to go off just yet. The World Council asked them to assist them again, once they had enough information. It wold take a bit of time before any informants would be back with information to be able to act upon. The party was dismissed from the chambers at that point.

Shortly after leaving, the party was approached by an elf in commoner clothing. The Elf told them that he doesn’t expect trust without knowing him, but that he has information that might be relevant to the party. He told the party that he works for an old organization that is trying to prevent the destruction of the world. He informed the group that his organization also thinks there is someone or multiple someones that are working on the World Council that may be behind the strange, catastrophic events that are occurring.

The party was told to meet him in a couple hours at the Drunken Barrel and they can discuss this further. On the way back to the Drunken Barrel, Spee-Dar splits from the group and ventures to the city walls to use his new found magical freedom to sprout the beginnings of spiked vines on the outside of the wall. Rambo decided that he was growing more and more wanting of the sea and needed to get back on a ship, so he decided that it was time for him to depart from the group, at least for the time being.

The rest of the group returned to the Drunken Barrel, awaiting the meeting with the stranger that they had met earlier. As they entered, they saw the elf sitting in the corner of the establishment, away from the activities emanating from the groups of sailors occupying the rest of the bar. Korath decided it would be best to distract the other patrons in order to give the rest of his group enough privacy to avoid prying ears and eyes.

As Korath sang and pounded a beat on a bar stool, the others spoke with the elf, who gave his name as Fallion Aerendyl. He informed them that his organization has been around for centuries and has stayed in the shadows for a very long time. His group, which he identified as The Eternal Flame Syndicate, has information that pointed toward the World Council having a rat among them. Someone from within the World Council seemed to have something to do with the catastrophic events that are happening.

He told the group that there was some activity going on in the North, on Roc Atoll, home of the dwarves. On Roc Atoll, within Mt Blackrock, there were creatures and races from the Underdark that were coming closer and closer to the surface. There also seemed to be more activity within the volcano itself, after it has been dormant for centuries. Fallion tells the group that he understand that he isn’t a trustworthy person, as they don’t know him, and that he also doesn’t want the group to work FOR them, but with them. However, if they continue to work with the World Council, they may be aiding in furthering the destruction of the world.

Slim told the elf that they would think on it and have an answer in the morning. The next day rolled around and they told the Elf that they would work with his group, but also have to keep up the illusion that they are also working with the World Council to avoid conflict. He agreed and gave them a gem, which upon breaking, will alert the nearest member of The Eternal Flame Syndicate in order to contact them.

The elf got up and left, leaving the party to their own accord. During the wait for the World Council to contact them, Korath trained his strength at the local blacksmith, making caltrops for Spee-Dar. Slim spent most of his time writing down notes and logs from his recent adventures. Lyra decided that she wanted to hone her fighting skills and traveled to the coliseum. She brought Slim along as her manager, to handle the business side of things. Upon entering, she was told there was a tournament coming up and welcome to join. She agreed and Slim entered them in the tournament.

There were 8 other contestants and no magic was allowed. The rest of the group attended the festivities as well, but their magic items were confiscated upon entering. The first round was against giant poisonous snakes, which Lyra disposed of easily. Morbash, a previous champion, dispatched his opponent quite easily as well. The second round was more of the same. The final fight was between Morbash, an orc gladiator champion, and Lyra, The Angry Bear!

Lyra was no contest for Morbash without her magic, so she became furious and shifted to bear form. The fight was stopped quickly by the Enforcers guards and the title was given to Morbash. Lyra walked away with her life and a little more fighting experience. The rest of the group, unfortunately, had made bets on Lyra winning and lost a share of their gold.

The World Council summoned them a couple weeks later and informed them of trouble in the land of the dwarves. They had secured a ship for them to travel, who they soon discovered to be Rambo and a rag tag bunch of misfits. The crew, including Squeaky, Squinty, Squawky, and Macho Man Randy Savage, were not an expensive crew, but also not a skilled crew. Luckily, Rambo knew the seas and sailing better than any man. He was able to handle the crew and make the ship operate with ease.

After exiting the river mouth, leading to the sea, the crew was attacked by 2 giant crocodiles. As the first croc emerged from the water to attack, the party shredded the croc to pieces. The second crocodile managed to bite Lyra and drag her in to the water, while damaging the ship with his tail on his way out. The party quickly disposed of the monster and Lyra made it back to the boat.

The group made it to Roc Atoll and left the ship anchored off shore. Squeaky waved goodbye to the group, wearing is newly made alligator arm cloak. The group shored the boat and ventured to the mountain. The entrance was not hidden at all and Korath broke the door so someone would let them in. After entering, they met with King Uldric Boulderguard. The king told them of creatures coming up from The Deep, as the dwarves called it, and attacking miners. Uldric’s son, Tolin, had taken a group down below to clear some of the monsters out, but hasn’t been heard from in a few days.

The group was asked to bring his son back or at least find some trace of him. The group set off to a mine shaft that had been abandoned for quite some time. They discovered a crew of Drow in the mine shaft and made sure that none of them left alive. A secret door was discovered, containing a pile of treasure and what looked to be a chute going down. The group plunged in and slid out the bottom in to a large room below. What awaits them in the newly found area is yet to be discovered.

Eldriss and the World Council
Session 3

The group had made it to Eldriss, the city flooding the horizon as they approached. Upon arrival, the guards from their caravan spoke with the gate guards to inform them of the purpose of the trek. After a brief discussion, the caravan guards informed the group that they had 2 hours before the council would be gathered and ready for them. They were led to the market square and told to meet back there in 2 hours.

The group had equipment that they wanted to sell, so they went looking for merchants. Slim told them that they should look for merchants friendly to them in order to get a better price. Rambo, fortunately, knew Eldriss fairly well, so he knew of most taverns in the city. The group traveled to The Drunken Barrel, located at the port.

At The Drunken Barrel, Slim met someone friendly to the Black Network, Rogelio Barrett. He advised Slim to be careful of making it known he favors the Black Network, as there are those that are working against them. After a drink, the group left to go back to the market square to sell their goods. They found the jeweler that they were directed to and tried to strike a deal. The merchant would give them 75%, unless they would convince some extorting guards to leave him alone.

The group agreed to help, but had other business to attend to first. The caravan guards returned to get the group and head to the World Council. At the World Council building, they were invited in and the guards remained outside. Sitting on the world council bench were 5 members. Rasni Tehnik is the head of the council and sitting to his left is Armod Fastaxe. They were told their intel they gathered was very helpful and appreciated. They then explained what was happening in the world and that they weren’t quite sure what is causing it.

The World Council told them that they would give them temporary use of magic if they could go gather more information about strange weather happening to South of The Dragon’s Mouth, in the Plains of Adhor. The group agrees and the World Council put out the word to people of importance in that area of the group’s quest. The group was granted a small boat to float up the river, as well as two horses.

After the meeting, the group left the city, shoving off from a small dock on the South side. Not long after leaving, the party noticed a small camp of humanoids in robes off the shore, but didn’t think much of it other than them not looking like typical travelers. A short while later, the group noticed some goblins on either side of the river. Rambo saw that they were holding a rope and anticipated a trap. Before coming upon the trap, Rambo had the crew stop the boat. Upon stopping, the group let loose their ranged attacks and made quick work of the small goblin troupe.

At the end of the river, they shored the boat and camouflaged it as best they could. They made camp for the night to rest up before continuing on foot the next day. During the night, there were some strange noises, but upon closer inspection, the group didn’t find anything. The next day, the group continued to travel to Merchant’s Pass. Before emerging out the other side of the pass, they were met by 4 robed humanoids. They had a brief interaction before the cultists attacked.

The party made quick work of all but one of them. During the fight, multiple party members were being attacked by something they could not see. One cultists tried to run, but was caught up to and taken care of. After finishing off the last cultist, there was a rush of air and the dangers were gone.

Continuing down the road, the weather seemed to be acting very strangely. The wind picked up and gale force winds were blowing. An unnatural storm was heading their way from ahead of them, so all but Rambo tied themselves together. As the storm increased in intensity and the rain was biting, Rambo rode out the storm on his own, having gone through worse on the seas. A tornado forming above them quickly changed the situation, though, and Rambo tied off to avoid being sucked up in the funnel. The group jumped in the ditch and rode out the tornado. After a few minutes, the skies cleared up and the weather returned to normal.

The group continued their journey, through the next couple nights on the road. On the 4th day, as they were travelling, the winds started to pick up again, but they seemed to be coming from a specific direction. The group noticed a rift and headed toward it, only to discover dust mephits waiting for them. As they were fighting, an air elemental appeared from the rift. After defeating it, a gem fell from the creature and a mysterious woman showed up, demanding the gem so she could close the rift.

The group was leery of working with her, but agreed to carefully let her do what she requested. As they gave her the gem, she used it, along with a magic artifact, to close the rift. She told the group that they could call her Ella, but didn’t provide much else. The group packed up and made their journey back to Eldriss.

Strange Weather
Session 2

After returning to River’s End after their quest to recover the livestock, Elias greeted them with excitement. Elias welcomed Felicity back to the town with open arms and assured her that she was missed and would be safe moving back. Elias told her that the house she used to live in was still there and hasn’t been touched ever since she left. The party of adventurers were told to enjoy their stay in River’s End for the night and in a few days, Elias was arranging a festival to celebrate their good deeds of recovering one of the towns main food sources.

During their down time, the druids, intrigued at the presence of another druid in their midst, went to converse with Felicity. They made small chit chat and had a good chuckle at their confrontation the day before. Felicity poked fun at Lyra, making sure to accurately quote ‘Hello, bear friend!’ After their small talk, the druids inquired about Felicity’s adventures and knowledge of druidic ways. Felicity explained to them the intricate details of shapeshifting and the methods to obtain and control such powers.

Slim Shady made his way back to The Old Rat Inn. The smaller establishment had become a more comfortable place for Slim with familiar faces and folk that better understood his lifestyle. Slim, well versed in the art of dart throwing, had beaten Ivar Orcsmasher at every game so far. Ivar was noticeably becoming frustrated, but still seemed determined.

-Kodi Vilorn walks in, has a few drinks.
-Ivar tells Slim about how suspicious Kodi is, but no solid evidence
-Slim strikes up conversation, but Kodi isn’t talkative

-A sailor with black hair, black eyes, and black skin came in to sit at the bar and proceeded to drink like a fish.

-Ivar challenged Slim to a wager, betting on the next game. Ivar lost 5g and Slim used the gold to buy a keg for the bar. Drinks were on him.
-Rambo laughs at Ivar for being so bad
-Druid show up at Old Rat Inn for free drinks

-Elias informed everyone of a celebration in their honor for saving the livestock.
-Korgath used his free time to till the fields and help plant crops for the people to cultivate.
-Korgath sold equipment to vendors.

-Elias sends for honorees of celebration.
-Elias introduces everyone to Rambo
-Celebration commences, Elias makes an announcement to attendees about the reason for celebration and everyone cheers.
-Party happens, everyone goes home, run in to group of rowdy, drunk sailors
-Next morning, Elias tells them preparations are being made for Eldriss, but first would like them to investigate shipwreck
-Jerick goes along as guide
-Arrive at beach, see old woman
-Aggressively question woman and get suspicious
-Group tells her they will follow her to her shack regardless of how she feels about it
-Jig is up, turns out to be old sea hag. Korgath and Spee-dar are frightened. Spee-dar falls over from fear.
-Mud mephits pop up around them.
-They make quick work of the monsters and recover. They scour the beach for clues. They see in the distance a water elemental on the water walking along, then it dissipates.
-More mud mephits pop up, but are quickly disposed of.

-Make it back to town, inform Elias of what happened.
-Elias thanks them, rewards them 100g, tells them they will leave in 2 days
-Spee-dar attempts to sneak in to guards quarters and steal magic shackles
-Makes it in to armory, but it appears there is a locked and sealed armoir that probably contains the shackles.
-They decide to leave it be and prepare for the journey.
-Caravan is prepared and group is informed
-They pack up to leave and Felicity changes to ‘Bear Friend’ form to wave goodbye and thank them
-Jerick is tagging along, after being requested by the party
-Travel will take over a week
-On the road, 3 days in they stop for supplies
-Spee-dar sells pelts after getting advice from Slim in economics
-Back on the road
-See humanoids in the distance.
-Caravan stops, guards stay with caravan
-Group moves ahead, spots hobgoblins and charge in
-They attack and the hobgoblins set their camp area perimeter ablaze, trying to trap them in.
-After killing 3, they capture the 4th and question him. He refuses to answer, accepting death.
-Korgath convinces the hobgoblin to give them answers and he will give him an honorable death
-Hobgoblin informs them of a yeti in the area, eating horses
-Hobgoblin is given a dagger and charges to his death by Korgath
-Back on the road, group is watchful
-Spot a cave ahead
-Can hear metal clanging.
-Goblins come rushing out, led by a goblin leader
-Goblins are slaughtered, yeti comes roaring out
-Glances at Spee-dar and he is frozen to his core
-Bear Lyra takes the brunt of the damage
-Korgath unleashes his fury on the yeti, severely injuring it before the group finishes it off
-Recover and back on road, over the two rivers, and approach the city of Eldriss in the distance.

The Adventure Begins
The Intro

Adventure started out on a prison ship. Prisoners were shackled in twos by hands and feets to their partner and floor. A single oar for each pair to row jutting out. Guard came around to make sure all prisoners were accounted for. Spee-Dar was arrested only because he fit the description of a criminal in the area. Lyra was arrested for using magic and had an anti-magic bracelet secured around her wrist. Korath Gravedigger Taurailanko was detained for terrorizing a small village on Eicus and kidnapping their children. In actuality, Korath was saving the children from goblins that were causing all the trouble, but was mistaken as the proprietor of the crimes due to his stature. Slim Shady was taken in for smuggling people from Omera to Eicus, albeit he was unaware of them in his cargo.

Korath attempted to rip the chains out of the ship to free himself. His attempt was unsuccessful, but did manage to loosen the anchor a bit. As the ship left port, the two druids refused to row, which drew the attention of the guards. The guards came over to handle the situation, but the druids were stubborn in their decision. Spee-Dar’s hands were unshackled and allowed him to reach for the guard’s sword. Having the extra length of the chain and shackles, Lyra attempted to whip the guards with her bindings. They did some damage, but Lyra received more punishment than was given by the guards who outnumbered them. The prisoners behind them weren’t happy they were having to row extra, so they pulled back and let their oar loose in to the back of Lyra’s head. More guards came down the stairs and the two druids were removed from their bench and throw in boxes built in to the floor.

A couple hours after the ship departed, the waters became rougher. During his time in the box, Spee-Dar managed to pull one of the boards lining his cage free. As the skies outside darkened and less sunlight beamed in from above deck, the waters became very rough. The back and forth swaying became so bad, the prisoners could not row anymore and began sliding back and forth. There was shouting and screaming on the top deck and lightning flashes could be seen in the darkened air.

Eventually, the ship creaked and cracked and split in half, the front half violently being tossed on shore and the back half being swallowed by the sea. Once beached, Korath began to yank his shackles free and managed to pull out two anchors before Jerick Lemora came and unlocked everyone’s manacles and cages. He showed everyone where their gear had been washed on shore and removed Lyra’s anti-magic bracelet.

Jerick and the party agreed to adventure back to River’s End together. Jerick would try to get the prisoner’s pardoned, but had to give up the bracelet’s key. Travelling through the tall grass, the party was attacked by a pack of blood hawks. Spee-Dar quickly cast fog cloud and hid the party from view of the birds. One by one, the birds were thorn whipped to the ground and skewered by rapiers and javelins. A couple were splattered by Korath’s gigantic maul. Jerick was blinded by the fog and had no idea what was actually happening.

The party continued on until they discovered a road. They followed the road until they spotted a foot path off to the side of the road in some grass. Slim sneaked off to investigate, but the grass was too thick and he couldn’t get close enough to make out who or what was over there exactly. The druids set their traps and camped on the other side of the road. During Spee-Dar’s watch during the night, he heard the trap go off and someone screaming. The party went to investigate and captured the human who was trapped. They discovered the human to be Declan, a trader from Oakheart, a small town south of River’s End.

The traders were robbed by bandits and their caravan stolen. They agreed to travel together back to River’s End. The next morning, they got back on the road until they noticed grass folded down by what looked like a wagon. Slim investigated and saw very bandit-looking men. Korath boldly walked in to their small gathering and inquired about the wagon, only to be met by hostility. The bandits were no match for the small band of adventurer’s. After making quick work of them, they dragged the cart back to the road and hooked up the horses.

Spee-Dar hopped up on one of the horses, not knowing that they are used to pull the cart and not ride. Farther down the road, a nest lay on the side. As they approached it, a head popped out of the grass. Seeing the threat, the party decided to go around. Slim sneaked around the other side of the road, but didn’t notice the other nest. A second cockatrice popped it’s head up and became very aggressive. They attacked to protect their eggs. During the fight, Korath was bit and his flesh began to petrify, spreading from the wound. Thankfully, it stopped and retreated, his leg returning to normal. After removing the threat, the party continued on to River’s End.

At the gate, Jerick told the guards the situation and the party was taken to the guard house. Jerick scooted off to speak with Elias Rinn, the governor. Jerick returned with Elias an hour later. Elias listened to each of their stories and agreed to pardon them of their preposterous arrests. Elias agreed to grant them permission to use magic around River’s End if they would do him a favor. They were asked to find the lost livestock that has been taken from River’s End. At breakfast, Slim spoke with Jerick and convinced him to become an informant for the Shady Hand.

The party ventured off to the NE side of town, to a forest. While following the trail, they came upon a den of some sort. Upon peering inside, a bear came charging out. Lyra used Speak with Animals to communicate with it in common. It responded in common that all could understand. The bear then transformed into a druid named Felicity. She offered to lead them to the livestock, but needed them to help clear her name when they get back to River’s End.

Along their path, they came upon giant centipedes that attacked from the tree tops. They were no match for the party and fell quickly. At the end of the path was a cave entrance. The party entered and Spee-Dar was lured in to a trap. After killing 2 gray oozes, Korath lifted the gates that fell from the ceiling to trap Spee-Dar. Farther in the cave, they came upon arguing goblins. Spee-Dar charged in and bashed both of their heads. He turned around and saw another. After threatening the goblin, the goblin told them the livestock were further in, but would not lead them there. Korath picked the goblin up and threatened him, but the goblin refused. Korath threw the goblin in to the wall, killing it on contact.

At the end of their path, they came upon the livestock and a bugbear that was keeping them. After slaughtering the bugbear and his small goblin servant, they led the livestock back to River’s End. They were given their reward and necklaces that allow them to use magic. Elias promised to approach the world council and inquire about getting an emblem to allow magic use across the world. Elias covered their rooms at the inn and told them they could stay in River’s End for a while.


A prison ship departed from the port in River’s End, taking its lot of prisoners to the Isle of Exile to serve out their punishment. The ship is fully staffed with a sailing crew, a cook, and prison guards. The trip was going to take about a week to arrive at its destination. The prisoners are all below deck, chained up, manning the oars of the ship.


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