The Eradication Reborn

Eldriss and the World Council

Session 3

The group had made it to Eldriss, the city flooding the horizon as they approached. Upon arrival, the guards from their caravan spoke with the gate guards to inform them of the purpose of the trek. After a brief discussion, the caravan guards informed the group that they had 2 hours before the council would be gathered and ready for them. They were led to the market square and told to meet back there in 2 hours.

The group had equipment that they wanted to sell, so they went looking for merchants. Slim told them that they should look for merchants friendly to them in order to get a better price. Rambo, fortunately, knew Eldriss fairly well, so he knew of most taverns in the city. The group traveled to The Drunken Barrel, located at the port.

At The Drunken Barrel, Slim met someone friendly to the Black Network, Rogelio Barrett. He advised Slim to be careful of making it known he favors the Black Network, as there are those that are working against them. After a drink, the group left to go back to the market square to sell their goods. They found the jeweler that they were directed to and tried to strike a deal. The merchant would give them 75%, unless they would convince some extorting guards to leave him alone.

The group agreed to help, but had other business to attend to first. The caravan guards returned to get the group and head to the World Council. At the World Council building, they were invited in and the guards remained outside. Sitting on the world council bench were 5 members. Rasni Tehnik is the head of the council and sitting to his left is Armod Fastaxe. They were told their intel they gathered was very helpful and appreciated. They then explained what was happening in the world and that they weren’t quite sure what is causing it.

The World Council told them that they would give them temporary use of magic if they could go gather more information about strange weather happening to South of The Dragon’s Mouth, in the Plains of Adhor. The group agrees and the World Council put out the word to people of importance in that area of the group’s quest. The group was granted a small boat to float up the river, as well as two horses.

After the meeting, the group left the city, shoving off from a small dock on the South side. Not long after leaving, the party noticed a small camp of humanoids in robes off the shore, but didn’t think much of it other than them not looking like typical travelers. A short while later, the group noticed some goblins on either side of the river. Rambo saw that they were holding a rope and anticipated a trap. Before coming upon the trap, Rambo had the crew stop the boat. Upon stopping, the group let loose their ranged attacks and made quick work of the small goblin troupe.

At the end of the river, they shored the boat and camouflaged it as best they could. They made camp for the night to rest up before continuing on foot the next day. During the night, there were some strange noises, but upon closer inspection, the group didn’t find anything. The next day, the group continued to travel to Merchant’s Pass. Before emerging out the other side of the pass, they were met by 4 robed humanoids. They had a brief interaction before the cultists attacked.

The party made quick work of all but one of them. During the fight, multiple party members were being attacked by something they could not see. One cultists tried to run, but was caught up to and taken care of. After finishing off the last cultist, there was a rush of air and the dangers were gone.

Continuing down the road, the weather seemed to be acting very strangely. The wind picked up and gale force winds were blowing. An unnatural storm was heading their way from ahead of them, so all but Rambo tied themselves together. As the storm increased in intensity and the rain was biting, Rambo rode out the storm on his own, having gone through worse on the seas. A tornado forming above them quickly changed the situation, though, and Rambo tied off to avoid being sucked up in the funnel. The group jumped in the ditch and rode out the tornado. After a few minutes, the skies cleared up and the weather returned to normal.

The group continued their journey, through the next couple nights on the road. On the 4th day, as they were travelling, the winds started to pick up again, but they seemed to be coming from a specific direction. The group noticed a rift and headed toward it, only to discover dust mephits waiting for them. As they were fighting, an air elemental appeared from the rift. After defeating it, a gem fell from the creature and a mysterious woman showed up, demanding the gem so she could close the rift.

The group was leery of working with her, but agreed to carefully let her do what she requested. As they gave her the gem, she used it, along with a magic artifact, to close the rift. She told the group that they could call her Ella, but didn’t provide much else. The group packed up and made their journey back to Eldriss.


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