Elias Rinn

Governor of River's End


Elias Rinn stands at an average height for a human. His hair is a darker brown with scattered strands of gray throughout. His eyes are very mellow green, the bags and wrinkles surrounding them show signs of age and stress. His face, never clean shaven, is very understanding and accepting to those who converse with him.


Elias is not the fighter type. He is a passive man, preferring to avoid direct conflict and resolve issues using diplomacy. Elias loves his city and he works for the people as Governor. He cares for his constituents and his actions show his compassion for the residents of River’s End.

Elias wanted to be a politician since he was a boy. His dad was in local politics and encouraged his son from an early age. He has sat as the Governor for over a 15 years, winning the last 10 years unopposed. He is loved by the people and has done great things for the city.

Soon after he took office, he implemented a curfew to curb criminal activity. Crime plummeted as a result. He also put more funding into the merchant’s square and gave the area a face lift, improving its appearance as well as its accessibility. In turn, this increased traffic from travelling merchants and tradesmen, which increased revenue for the city.

Elias Rinn

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