Druid exiled from River's End


Felicity is a druid that is very intertwined with the plant life that surrounds her. Her outfit consists of large leaves that are woven and intertwined with vines. The structure of the leaves is maintained by small, well placed twigs.

Her eyes are a dark green that match the color of her long, flowing green hair. The leaves of her attire blend with her hair, making it difficult to differentiate them at times. The small druid stands at a mere 5’4" with a tiny frame to match. Her innocent facial expressions coincide with her high pitched, soft spoken voice.

Her nature armor seems to be quite thick and padded, providing her with some cushion against attacks. She carries a staff, a crudely shaped branch tightly woven with vines.


Felicity has lived in River’s End for over 10 years. She kept to herself most of her time in the city, known only by a select few that she befriended. She got along with all folks she dealt with and was especially friendly with her neighbors. She had a special place in her heart for children and loves hearing their laughs and seeing them smile.

The small druid wasn’t threatening in any manner and was overlooked by most that passed her by in the streets. She knew better than to cast any spells in the presence of those that she didn’t know well. She would often visit areas where children would play together and discretely weave a spell or two to entertain the little ones.

One day, while watching the children play, she noticed one of the smaller kids playing in a tree. Her playmates were at the bottom, helping her climb higher and higher. Once she made it past their reach, they all ran off and left her in the tree by herself. The little girl attempted to climb down by herself, but lost her grip and fell uncontrollably. Seeing this happen, Felicity rushed over to help her. Her leg broken, the little girl began to cry. Felicity, without thinking, quickly weaved a healing spell and healed the injury the best she could.

The little girl wasn’t scared of the magic and her cry lessened to a few whimpers. However, from across the grassy knoll where the two were, a local woman noticed the events unfold.

After seeing Felicity casting a spell, she screamed for help, gathering a crowd in a matter of seconds. The crowd began to turn on Felicity as she noticed the crowd. They chased her to her home and continued to grow in numbers and ferocity. She escaped out a back windows and fled town, never to return again.

Ever since she left, she had been living in the woods near River’s End, living off the land and finding wild livestock roaming around.