Jerick Lemora

Shipwrecked guard


Jerick Lemora is a guard working on prison ships for the World Council. The human has only been a prisoner guard for a couple months and is still pretty new to his job. He’s been on a couple of the runs, transporting prisoners to the Isle of Exile, but is by no means experienced yet.

The older, more veteran guards still make Jerick do their chores and tease him constantly, making sure they break him in properly, as they themselves were brought on-board the guard. Jerick keeps his head on and does his duties, maintaining a good work ethic and respect for others while doing so.


Born in Eldriss, Jerick is from a well off family. He had a privileged upbringing and grew tired of it quickly. He just wanted to be normal like the other kids he was friends with. Once he came of age to choose a path in life. he decided to become a guard and file among the ranks of his fellow citizens of Omera.

He wanted to get away from Eldriss, where many people recognized him and gave him respect due to his name and ancestry. He hitched a ride on a caravan to River’s End and enlisted in the guard, wanting to eventually become an Enforcer for the World Council.

Jerick Lemora

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