Nicknamed “The Land of the Wild”, Eicus is a very untamed land. There are very few large cities on this continent. The land is mostly inhabited by wandering nomads and barbaric tribes that live off the land. There is much less civilization and is a much more naturalistic way of life. Wild humanoids inhabit and travel the lands as much as more popular races, but very few get along. Various tribes cooperate when it benefits them. However, if that benefit no longer applies, there is no loyalty to staying in the previous agreement.

Eicus has fallen behind in technology and advancements compared to Omera. When the dwarves were hired to construct the road system on Omera, inhabitants of Eicus were consulted. Unfortunately, the many tribes couldn’t come to an agreement for who would pay and what villages would have roads constructed. In the end, the deal was called off and Eicus never developed past it’s current nomadic state.