Being the most populated city on Omera, Eldriss is a hub for many activities including trade, real estate, gambling, and even gladiatorial combat. Being surrounded by a river and having a mountain range on the posterior, the city is near impregnable. Drakestone Castle, which houses the ruling family, sits at the bottom of the mountain range. The noble caste surrounds the outer walls of the fortress with mansions and homesteads of immense size.

Farthest from the castle, on the outskirts of the city, lie the poor districts. Inhabitants here include the peasants, farmers, and labor workers. Housing consists of shacks, huts, and mud houses. There is a considerable amount of animosity between the varying social tiers, but most of the discourse remains civil.

Between the two residential areas lies the market and trade center. A coliseum attracts droves of on lookers weekly, pulling a large amount of traffic to the market.