The Enforcers are the hands and feet of the World Council. The members that sit on the council make the decisions and vote on important matters. The Enforcers are the ones that carry out the results of these votes and mandates.

The Enforcers actively recruit new members and keep their eye out for citizens with potential talent, even those who haven’t even seen 10 winters yet. The Enforcers are the only organized group that is authorized to use magic. The World Council knows it’s a bit of a hypocritical thing to allow magic only for certain groups, but they’re also aware that there will always be those that disobey. In order to fight magic, they need magic.

Enforcers are thoroughly vetted, evaluated, and tested before being allowed to patrol and enforce. They must go through rigorous training regiments to condition them to be the best. Their numbers are not overwhelming, but what they lack in quantity, they counterbalance with quality.

Enforcers are trained with a heavy focus on countering magic. The spellcasters are taught nullifying magic such as counterspell, antimagic field, globe of invulnerability, and forcecage. Melee skilled members are trained in the ways of ‘Mage Slayers’, using cover to leverage line of sight, and usually equipped with magic resistant armor or shields.

Satellite at locations across Val’dorn allow the Enforcers to have a greater presence in more populated areas. While they do maintain a presence over vast areas, they also tend to not interfere with residents’ daily lives. The majority of people know of the Enforcers, but it’s not uncommon to never have seen one. They don’t meddle with local law enforcement or interfere with things that don’t pertain to World Council law. To most, they are a necessary and welcome force, as long as you are not on the wrong side of world council law.


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