Val’dorn is a mixture of chaos and order. The world is separated into two continents with very different cultures. Eicus is the land of the wild. It is mainly inhabited by nomads, barbarians, and races that prefer living in the wilderness rather than stone and wood cities. Omera is a more civilized continent, containing many more modern cities and inhabitants. Nomads are a much rarer sight and frowned upon by society. These two continents, Eicus and Omera, are separated by a single strip of land called Kaelor Pass.

Magic is not prevalent on either continent in current times. Centuries ago, this was not the case. The Reclamation was a turning point for Val’dorn. Since that historical event, magic has become very rare and is feared by most. Magic has been outlawed to practice unless authorized by higher powers.

Clerics are still around, but most people refer to them as priests now. They are not allowed to practice magic openly, but it is not strictly enforced either. Other spellcasters have no place in today’s society, other than joining the World Council Enforcers. The Enforcers consists of various people of all races and classes from throughout the land that have volunteered or been recruited. This group, granted use of magic, upholds the laws created by the Council. There are stations in most major cities and towns.