Faravik is the largest city on Eicus. It is located a few days walk from Kaelor Pass, making it a prime spot as a trade center for dealing with Omera merchants. There are many tribes that have settled in Faravik, leaving behind the nomadic life. Most of the inhabitants work together, sharing their trade with one another and spreading the work load. There are some tribes that tend to keep to themselves, but prefer safety in numbers as opposed to facing whatever lurks in the wild.

The various tribes of Faravik worship similar gods and hold rituals in common areas for any to join. Any minor disputes that arise are settled in unarmed combat. Any major conflicts are handled in similar fights, but typically with weapons and to the death.

All tribes have their own chieftains or clan leaders to turn to for tribal decisions. Faravik as a whole, however, chooses a single representative for their world council member. This representative doesn’t tend to stay in his position for very long. Any member of Faravik may challenge the current representative to a duel. The winner of said duel acquires (or keeps) the seat on the world council.